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About Us

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In 2011, with only a small investment, we started Healthy Biz Healthy Home, LLC as a retail business.  Using Amazon's FBA platform, eBay and our own website, we were able to achieve growth that allowed us the freedom to create other businesses and to help our friends grow their businesses.  

We can help you begin selling on Amazon, eBay, and your own website.  Or if you have already begun, we can help you maximize your profits.  If you are a manufacturer and are looking to expand into the aforementioned platforms, we can be a quality re-seller for you.  We currently have industry leading positive feedback at Amazon and eBay so we can present your brand to the world with excellence. 

*We'd like to offer you a free 15 minute consultation at our location or on the phone to see if we are a fit for each other.  If the answer is yes, you'll find our rates reasonable and you'll find us a pleasure to work with.  

Amazon Consulting


Follow the Rules

It is very easy to get in trouble on the Amazon platform.  Many sellers are surprised when they find themselves suspended for what they consider minor offensives.  We can help you avoid the common mistakes many new users make. Amazon makes frequent changes to its seller policies.  Watch the news feed carefully!  For example, in late 2018, many sellers found themselves suspended due to transparency violations and had never heard of Amazon's new transparency program

FBA vs Seller Fulfilled

For most businesses, utilizing the FBA warehouse network is the best choice but for some businesses or for some products, Seller Fulfilled may be a better choice.  

1P (selling wholesale to Amazon vs 3P (listing on Amazon as a seller)

Are you a manufacturer considering selling directly to Amazon?  You may want to compare that strategy to selling as a 3P seller on the platform.  2019 update:  Amazon has stopped ordering from many 1P sellers!  They want them to go 3P as it is more profitable for them.  

Product Feedback vs Seller Feedback

Both customers and sellers confuse product feedback and seller feedback.  Both are important. Your business and your products must have excellent feedback and other metrics to be successful on Amazon.  We can teach you and your team to be the hero of both your customers and the Amazon platform.  

Seller Central

The back end control center of Amazon can be a bit intimidating at first but we can show you how to use these tools successfully.  The amount of information available here is vast and some elements require hourly attention and other elements can be checked much less frequently.  We'll help you sort through all this. 

Bottom Line

In our experience, many sellers have no idea what their margins are!  We can show you how to calculate your margins to the penny for every SKU.  Then you can take advantage of re-pricers without pricing your product too low.  Furthermore, there may be other savings opportunities in packaging, product preparation, shipping, and other logistical tasks.  

eBay and Other Platforms



Recently eBay has implemented some system wide changes that make it a bit more difficult to succeed on the platform.  In order to obtain and keep Top Rater Seller status (which is required to rank well), you must now offer quick order processing and excellent customer service.  Also, catalog matching is now required.  We can help you navigate these changes. 

Shopping Feeds

Even though Amazon is dominating internet retail, some of the larger shopping comparison feeds like Google Shopping and NexTag can be a good source of traffic and orders. 

Your Own Website

We can help you create a retail website from scratch or help you improve the performance of your existing website.  SEO, landing page conversions, split testing Adwords ads and other techniques are all important for maximum profitability.   

Other Shopping Platforms

We are not currently selling on all platforms (e.g. Walmart, Etsy, Rakuten and others).  However, we have listed on many of these in the past and we can help you get your listings active no matter where you'd like to sell.